Hinter den Kulissen

February 15 – March 07, 2020 | Johanna Breede Photokunst

The day the pictures learned to walk was a Friday. The brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière, soon to be celebrated all over the world as the inventors of the Kintopp, had invited to the Société d’encouragement pour l’industrie in Paris to set the photograph in motion. It was March 22, 1895, when everyone should see it - as if breath had been breathed into photography. In any case, the new cinematograph kept them busy. And since then it has been running and running and running. As if she had never stood still before.

The exhibition, however, engages with the moving images. Under the title "Behind the Scenes", photographs are shown that interrupt the film history again for moments - the rebellion against the fast cuts, the spectacular tracking shots. They are recordings that transform the course of the images back into great moments: staged portraits by Juliette Binoche or Iris Berben; Pictures of Christoph Waltz's early attempts to walk, moments from Volker Schlöndorff's great films.

With photographs by Lillian Birnbaum, Hannes Kilian, Birgit Kleber, Ulrike Ottinger, Beat Presser, Volker Schlöndorff and Donata Wenders, the exhibition documents the close relationship between film and photo with each picture. Many of the photographers involved live on the creative interface between photograph and cinema; others appreciate the productive balancing act between movement and standstill. "Behind the scenes" is thus much more than a photographic gem for cineastes. The exhibition uses selected moments to document a small piece of the great film history. – Ralf Hanselle

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